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Changes to the forum

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1 Changes to the forum on Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:42 am


As some of you may have noticed, I have changed the look of the forum as I think it will be prudent to now include the other neighbouring developments.

Many issues are arising that need to be discussed cross development and will benefit from the input and grouping of them all.

I have made the following changes;

1: Main Section - General Community
I have now added a "General Community" section which is for all developments to be able to discuss all things. All members will be able to read and write to this part of the forum and it is intended for all to see.

2: User Grouping
I have created four groups which correspond to the developments. When you join you will be added to the development group you live in and therefore will be granted access to your development's private pages. Each member will only be able to see the site wide general section and their own developments pages.

3: Development Subsections
As mentioned in point 2, I have created private sub forums for each development. You will only be able to see the development you live in and they are private to you and your forum. Any comments private to your development should be mentioned here.

4: Introduction of Moderators
All good forums need good moderators. We will need one per development to oversee your forum and help identify new users to your development. I will need you to help get members to the site. If you are interested please get in contact.

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